Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poem of St Pius X

Saint Pius X
 Holy, ,Catholic, kind, Helpful 
6 sisters and 3 brothers 
 Who loves the Eucharist , Has a warm heart 
Who feels always happy with his family 
Who needs his friends and family 
Who gives his friends and family loving and support 
Who fears Wolves 
Who would like to see people sharing with others 
Resident of Austria Empire

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This week in Reading, I have been learning how to find the main events in the chapter. I am reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It's a story about a little boy, found on the streets by Mr Bumble. He had no one or no where to stay. Mr Bumble loved taking care of kids. He was sent to the local undertaker , Mr Sowerberry.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

!Happy Diwali!

McDonald Time

On Thursday 17th November 2011, we went to the McDonald’s, Only the Yr 7’s and 8’s netball girls. We stayed their for about Half an hour. When we finished, Yr 7’s and Yr 8 girls rushed outside, to get ready for walking back to school. My favourite part of McDonald was, when we ate Big mac Combo and talk to our friends. We went because we celebrated our win.

Hope Next Year we will do it again..........

Friday, October 7, 2011

Murder Mystery

Once upon a time, there was a random man named Phillip and he was walking. A girl named Tori woke up at 3:30am. She asked her parents if, she could go for a walk and her parents replied "Sure, whatever". Tori walked through the Alley way, right outside her house. Phillip saw her walking and followed her. Tori didn't noticed what was happening around her and got her ipod out from her pocket and listened to it. Phillip kept on following her as if he is a Detective Agent. Tori walked home with Phillip still following her and he stood outside her window. She went into her parents room and said to her parents "I'm back from my walk". Her parents replied "Just go to sleep would you". Tori stomped her feet into her room. She was surprised that, her window was wide opened. Tori didn't care and went straight into dead sleep. Phillip heard her snoring. Phillip climbed through her window, looked at her and turned her body around. He stabbed her in the back, and turned her body back, where she was sleeping.

Phillip was a crazy man and stupidly drunk. He had no idea what he was doing and just randomly decided to kill someone and unfortunately it was Tori. Sadly Tori had no idea that Phillip had followed her home.

After 1 week later, Her parents didn't even check or see her and her parents only knew on the following Thursday, that Tori had died the Friday before.

From that day on, They never ever talked about her and never saw her at the cemetery. When Tori died, her parents didn't tell anybody in the world, that she was dead. All of a sudden nobody heard from their family, not a single sound or word.

Monday, October 3, 2011


(1) Who were these people?
Answer: The early church people.
(2) What did they do?
Answer: They didn’t know that God was the king and they prayed.
(3) How did they do it?
Answer: They go to the early church and kneel down and prayed.
(4) How did you know them?
Answer: Because in the late church, after the reading of gospels, father explains to us about it.
(5) How did you feel about the early church people?
Answer: They would feel the same way as the early church people would.
(6) What is the reason of what you pray?
Answer: God will help you.
(7) What is our reason of sins?
Answer: Because we pray to God to forgive our sins.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tori and her friends. Her friends name were John, Jade, Beck and Jack, they all were very close friends. One day, when they were all going on a adventure, they were planning to go to Hollywood, Vegas. They packed their own bags, and went and left to go on their road trip. When they got to the airport, Jade and Jack hurried off to the car because they were delayed for their flight. They got inside the airport, and they were rushing to the aeroplane. When they missed the flight Jade and Beck were angry because it was their first time, going on a aeroplane. John, Jade, Beck, Jack and Tori stayed at the airport until the next flight came for Vegas.

When the last flight came, they all rushed and sat down. Finally they got to Vegas and Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori, John, got their bags and zoomed off. They saw Becky’s parents and they all started crying. Becky didn’t know why her parents were crying. Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori and John all ran to Becky’s parents because they haven’t seen them in 5 years. Becky’s parents said “Welcome to Vegas, we will drive you to our home”.
“We’re home” called out Becky and her friends. They all unpacked their bags and went downstairs for dinner time. They all sat down at the table and said their own prayers before they eat. They all munched up the food that they had on their plates. They liked it very much. They finished their dinner and raced up to their rooms to snuggle in their comfortable beds.

It was Saturday morning and they woke up early, they brushed their teeth and got dressed. They went around Vegas as it was the first time they had seen it, in real life. Becky, Jade, Tori, Jack and John saw the city of Vegas, lots of people were walking around shopping with their kids. Becky, Jade, John were talking about when they want to come back to Vegas again. Becky’s parents told them about when they got married on top of the mountain. The favorite part of all of them was when they ate food and walked around looking at shops and taking pictures of the whole entire city around them. Becky’s parents told them about when the earthquake happened and the whole entire city of Vegas. The day ended up being the most exhausting day of their lives.

When they came back, it was their time to go back to their country. They said “We all wish, that we could stay but we have to go to school and work”. Becky had her stuff, ready to go back. They got to the airport and started hugging and kissing Becky’s parents. Jade, Becky, Tori, John and Jack were crying in the aeroplane and when they got back home they decided that their favourite part of the trip was when they had dinner and went everywhere with Becky’s parents.