Monday, October 3, 2011


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tori and her friends. Her friends name were John, Jade, Beck and Jack, they all were very close friends. One day, when they were all going on a adventure, they were planning to go to Hollywood, Vegas. They packed their own bags, and went and left to go on their road trip. When they got to the airport, Jade and Jack hurried off to the car because they were delayed for their flight. They got inside the airport, and they were rushing to the aeroplane. When they missed the flight Jade and Beck were angry because it was their first time, going on a aeroplane. John, Jade, Beck, Jack and Tori stayed at the airport until the next flight came for Vegas.

When the last flight came, they all rushed and sat down. Finally they got to Vegas and Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori, John, got their bags and zoomed off. They saw Becky’s parents and they all started crying. Becky didn’t know why her parents were crying. Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori and John all ran to Becky’s parents because they haven’t seen them in 5 years. Becky’s parents said “Welcome to Vegas, we will drive you to our home”.
“We’re home” called out Becky and her friends. They all unpacked their bags and went downstairs for dinner time. They all sat down at the table and said their own prayers before they eat. They all munched up the food that they had on their plates. They liked it very much. They finished their dinner and raced up to their rooms to snuggle in their comfortable beds.

It was Saturday morning and they woke up early, they brushed their teeth and got dressed. They went around Vegas as it was the first time they had seen it, in real life. Becky, Jade, Tori, Jack and John saw the city of Vegas, lots of people were walking around shopping with their kids. Becky, Jade, John were talking about when they want to come back to Vegas again. Becky’s parents told them about when they got married on top of the mountain. The favorite part of all of them was when they ate food and walked around looking at shops and taking pictures of the whole entire city around them. Becky’s parents told them about when the earthquake happened and the whole entire city of Vegas. The day ended up being the most exhausting day of their lives.

When they came back, it was their time to go back to their country. They said “We all wish, that we could stay but we have to go to school and work”. Becky had her stuff, ready to go back. They got to the airport and started hugging and kissing Becky’s parents. Jade, Becky, Tori, John and Jack were crying in the aeroplane and when they got back home they decided that their favourite part of the trip was when they had dinner and went everywhere with Becky’s parents.

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