Thursday, November 17, 2011

!Happy Diwali!

McDonald Time

On Thursday 17th November 2011, we went to the McDonald’s, Only the Yr 7’s and 8’s netball girls. We stayed their for about Half an hour. When we finished, Yr 7’s and Yr 8 girls rushed outside, to get ready for walking back to school. My favourite part of McDonald was, when we ate Big mac Combo and talk to our friends. We went because we celebrated our win.

Hope Next Year we will do it again..........

Friday, October 7, 2011

Murder Mystery

Once upon a time, there was a random man named Phillip and he was walking. A girl named Tori woke up at 3:30am. She asked her parents if, she could go for a walk and her parents replied "Sure, whatever". Tori walked through the Alley way, right outside her house. Phillip saw her walking and followed her. Tori didn't noticed what was happening around her and got her ipod out from her pocket and listened to it. Phillip kept on following her as if he is a Detective Agent. Tori walked home with Phillip still following her and he stood outside her window. She went into her parents room and said to her parents "I'm back from my walk". Her parents replied "Just go to sleep would you". Tori stomped her feet into her room. She was surprised that, her window was wide opened. Tori didn't care and went straight into dead sleep. Phillip heard her snoring. Phillip climbed through her window, looked at her and turned her body around. He stabbed her in the back, and turned her body back, where she was sleeping.

Phillip was a crazy man and stupidly drunk. He had no idea what he was doing and just randomly decided to kill someone and unfortunately it was Tori. Sadly Tori had no idea that Phillip had followed her home.

After 1 week later, Her parents didn't even check or see her and her parents only knew on the following Thursday, that Tori had died the Friday before.

From that day on, They never ever talked about her and never saw her at the cemetery. When Tori died, her parents didn't tell anybody in the world, that she was dead. All of a sudden nobody heard from their family, not a single sound or word.

Monday, October 3, 2011


(1) Who were these people?
Answer: The early church people.
(2) What did they do?
Answer: They didn’t know that God was the king and they prayed.
(3) How did they do it?
Answer: They go to the early church and kneel down and prayed.
(4) How did you know them?
Answer: Because in the late church, after the reading of gospels, father explains to us about it.
(5) How did you feel about the early church people?
Answer: They would feel the same way as the early church people would.
(6) What is the reason of what you pray?
Answer: God will help you.
(7) What is our reason of sins?
Answer: Because we pray to God to forgive our sins.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tori and her friends. Her friends name were John, Jade, Beck and Jack, they all were very close friends. One day, when they were all going on a adventure, they were planning to go to Hollywood, Vegas. They packed their own bags, and went and left to go on their road trip. When they got to the airport, Jade and Jack hurried off to the car because they were delayed for their flight. They got inside the airport, and they were rushing to the aeroplane. When they missed the flight Jade and Beck were angry because it was their first time, going on a aeroplane. John, Jade, Beck, Jack and Tori stayed at the airport until the next flight came for Vegas.

When the last flight came, they all rushed and sat down. Finally they got to Vegas and Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori, John, got their bags and zoomed off. They saw Becky’s parents and they all started crying. Becky didn’t know why her parents were crying. Jade, Jack, Beck, Tori and John all ran to Becky’s parents because they haven’t seen them in 5 years. Becky’s parents said “Welcome to Vegas, we will drive you to our home”.
“We’re home” called out Becky and her friends. They all unpacked their bags and went downstairs for dinner time. They all sat down at the table and said their own prayers before they eat. They all munched up the food that they had on their plates. They liked it very much. They finished their dinner and raced up to their rooms to snuggle in their comfortable beds.

It was Saturday morning and they woke up early, they brushed their teeth and got dressed. They went around Vegas as it was the first time they had seen it, in real life. Becky, Jade, Tori, Jack and John saw the city of Vegas, lots of people were walking around shopping with their kids. Becky, Jade, John were talking about when they want to come back to Vegas again. Becky’s parents told them about when they got married on top of the mountain. The favorite part of all of them was when they ate food and walked around looking at shops and taking pictures of the whole entire city around them. Becky’s parents told them about when the earthquake happened and the whole entire city of Vegas. The day ended up being the most exhausting day of their lives.

When they came back, it was their time to go back to their country. They said “We all wish, that we could stay but we have to go to school and work”. Becky had her stuff, ready to go back. They got to the airport and started hugging and kissing Becky’s parents. Jade, Becky, Tori, John and Jack were crying in the aeroplane and when they got back home they decided that their favourite part of the trip was when they had dinner and went everywhere with Becky’s parents.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think in part 2 they would find the space ship in Suzie’s garage. And it might be invisible or it flied away by itself. It might be in the shops and they didn’t know it is their. They might have to stay with Suzie until their, space ship has come back. After they had talked with the girl, the Aliens would've went back into their space ship. In page 4 their was a picture that has the Aliens chasing the girl. That looks like they are killing her or murder. If it is invisible, Suzie will get her paint and chuck the paint out of the tin can to where. The Aliens space ship was and it might come back. Or Suzie’s friend came, and Suzie didn’t know that she came. Her friend might think that she has weird friends or family.

They went to the city and people were staring at them and they looked around the city for it.
They might go to school and find it in the classroom hall of the school.
They came to the houses that had a garage, if that it was in it and they check every house around their neighbours.
They check the bottom part of their house and it might be their.
They might find it in the trucks in every factory.
They go on the car to look at the factories,shops and malls.
They might find it in the rubbish factory.
They might find it in the zoo where the animal lives.
They find it in the park where people play at.
They look for it on top of tall buildings.

What I think about the next part is the people who got the space ship will be caught.
I think that the people who owns the space shipp will get their space ship back.
I think that the people/guyz that tried to steal the space ship will be in trouble and get some jobs for them to do in prison.
I think that the people said” Suzie, sorry but I think that you will go back home late”.
I think that it will be in prison where people be bad and sent to jail.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Special Lady Of My Life.

On Friday, I came back from school and slept as I was over tired from the previous evening . I woke up around 10 pm when I heard the phone. The hospital rang and Mum rushed to answer it . The person on the other end said “Hello my name is Rayna and your mum has been removed to a little room because she has been got serious condition ”. My mum dropped the phone and said to my dad “OMG hurry and lets go to the hospital”. When we reached the hospital, everybody in Nena’s family came and was frightened when we saw her just , laying down on her hospital bed.
We had some precious time with her and we did some prayers and sang some Tongan songs to her. On Saturday we had some plans with what are we going to do is different things happened. I went to my room and started clearing because the funeral was happening at my house. When we had finished doing the cleaning, I went and helped outside putting the scaffolding up. My house looked so beautiful, but when we take everything off it will look like the same old place I call home. We finished cleaning and the coffin was brought in my house and it was shining white.
My Nena’s sister was the first one to cry because she is going to Tonga and she won’t come back. The funeral started and I had to look after her. I was crying with my cousins because they just came from Tonga, and said to me “that my Nena was the first cool , Nena they have ever had”. I felt sad for them, I had to do everything that they couldn’t do. After 9 days , everybody from my grandpa’s side and my grandma’s side came to the last day of the funeral. I had some time to talk to her, when we all prayed in our hearts. My uncle went up and said “We blessed her with our soul”. My uncle said to the people “My mum has 11 children and their names are: Vinola Lahi , Suli lahi , Setaleki , Iteni lahi , Lole Lahi , Liumeahetau Lahi , Anne Lahi , Filimone Lahi , Sifa Lahi , Haloti Lahi and Mani Lahi. The 10 priests that prayed said to nena’s family that, “Our Nena died because she followed god’s plans and god’s commandments and she is happy with what she has inside her soul”.
While the men lift up the white shiny coffin, we all started singing and sang some songs from , our hearts. When they put the coffin in the Hurst, we all drove off to the cemetery. We all arrived at the cemetery, people were , taking pictures , talking and laughing. The priests arrived and we started to pray and bless her with holy water. I was holding the big frame , with the Big picture of my Nena inside it. My parents told me to go , and pick a flower and throw it in the grave. All the people were crying and saying that , they will never forget her in their hearts. My favourite part of the funeral , was when I had some precious time to , talk to her in my precious little heart.

When I drive past Waikaraka cemetery I will always say and pray for her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

When I splashed, ran and swan in the pool for the first time I felt discussted as it was strange feeling for me. I got use to it and felt cool. I turned my not sure face, into a happy face for swimming in the water, with blowing the bubbles. And whispered to myself" I am very confidential".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Picasso Art

This is a Picasso art of me and the right side is what am i and my left side is who i am.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Finger Test

Hi, today in our reading time we look at how the five finger test works. Have you every bought a book or been given a book and found it to difficult to read. Well the five finger test will help you.

The five finger test works like this.....
1) Open the book and select a page at random.
2) Look at the words on the page , if you see 5 words you do not know
then this book will be to difficult for you to read.
3) Place your finger and thumb on each the words you do not know.

Now my short review of ….

The mystery in set in Paris, France and it about the Thea twins . They are given a rose bush and there was letter inside and it said “that she should go to Paris and see what they are doing.” I enjoyed reading the first chapter I want to finish it before I must return it to the library

Maths Clinic

Today was Maths Clinic,it was a Maths Clinic that was happening every Thursday and Friday. It starts at 8:10 am. Some people just come inside the classroom and join in and work. My favourite thing about Maths Clinic is when I get the answer right and talking to class mates or teacher about what you understand.

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Member of the Family

During my weekend my family had a meeting about a new member of our family who is my uncle’s wife. She visited us because we can’t go all the way to Hamilton. She often comes on weekend and sometimes week nights.

When she arrived on Saturday, everyone cheered, hugs and occasionally excited with joy. Eventually she brought some food for our enjoyable feast, following on we said some prayers and until then we had our feast.

Meanwhile the kids went and played on the park, while the adults and caregivers were playing cards. Further more we were all exhausted and tired, because all that running, talking and eating. Although morning , From time to time, i however had the greatest weekend ever. My favourite part of the weekend was when i had to meet my uncle’s wife.I can’t believe it was our first time having a new member of our big family.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Netbook Experienece

Yay! Mrs Tui yelled with excitement, we are going to see our new netbooks. In room 7 class Mr Coakley said "execuse me folks, can you please put whatever your doing in your desks". Finally other teachers came and it was Miss G, Mr Coakley, Mrs Burt and all the other teachers.

Senior syndicate is getting their netbooks yelled Mrs Tui. Everybody's face's was amazed, surprised and breathtaking. i was so thrilled when i first saw my new netbooks, all my other classmates was incredible and unbelievable shocked with excitement. Their was three things that Mr Coakley talked about Safety, Security and Money.Once we were on our netbooks, we had our turnyony fingers ready to turn it on.

Miss G told use that we have to get our turnyony finger so we can countdown from 10 and we will turn it on. I was so gentle that i was gonna poke out one of the letters like having no letters of keyboard in front of you. There was so many intructional to follow at the same time. before we booted our netbooks on we had to entered our emails and our password their came a boom the class dropped their faces with excitement. we had half an hour to play with our netbooks.

Finally we had 4 more minutees to play so we were all worried that they were gonna pack it up. Before we packed our netbooks, we had to learn how to shut down. My group was so angry that we had to get it away from us. My highlight was when we had to play games.

Friday, June 24, 2011


* I think Matariki is a important celebration for the Maori's because they celebrate it once a year and Matariki has two meanings which is Mata - Riki ( tiny eyes ) , Mata - Ariki ( eyes of god ).

* Matariki is also a time when good times instruct in the lore of the land forest , birds and fish.It is A relatives time to your family special times and how much they mean to you.

Anzac letter

16 April 1917

1st RegimentHeadquarters

Dear Uncle,

I am so sorry for your friends who have died. I pray for them and I will pray for all of you. Yesterday I was trying to call you at the headquarters, but you were at the battlefield fighting and not giving up and that was like Jesus when he died for our sin's.

Today we are sending post cards to people I don’t really know but I picked you because they are soldiers fighting for our safety .These soldiers are part of the ANZAC force. I am desperate to contact you and find out more information about you and why did you go to the battlefield in WW1.

Uncle, you have been away so long in the war. do you remember how many of us are here, 4 members in my family plus me so that makes 5. I don't know how to contact you, but I'll keep trying until you get my connection with your phone. I can't believe that I am posting a letter to you now, and remember that you will always be in my heart no matter what.

Take care of yourself.
Your wonderful & beautiful niece :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Reflection

In Room 8, in maths time I had been doing tidy numbers and measurement worksheet., What I learnt from the measurement worksheet was kilometres , centimeters , millimeters and meters.

During literacy , In room 8 I have been writing down in a document that Mr Hooker has sent us Electronically about a book called Fridge-Rex 3000 and it had the answers in the document that Mr Hooker sent us Electronically.

While Mr Hooker was testing Salamona , we were doing our writing on I am a MODEL..and My scientifically journal . We had to answer them in a document that Mr Hooker always send us to type down in it. My scientifically recount was about floating ans sinking. For Example: Banana: Float or sinks . And if it sinks then you know the information just like that. In Room 8, in maths time I had been doing tidy numbers and measurement worksheet., What I learnt from the measurement worksheet was kilometres , centimeters , millimeters and meters.
During literacy , In room 8 I have been writing down in a document that Mr Hooker has sent us Electronically about a book called Fridge-Rex 3000 and it had the answers in the document that Mr Hooker sent us Electronically.

While Mr Hooker was testing Salamona , we were doing our writing on I am a MODEL..and My scientifically journal . We had to answer them in a document that Mr Hooker always send us to type down in it. My scientifically recount was about floating ans sinking. For Example: Banana: Float or sinks . And if it sinks then you know the information just like that.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Religious Education Title page.

In room 7, we have been learning about Pentecost and this picture is about Jesus descending and the apostles were waiting for him to come back,and the apostles and people had tongues of fire above their heads. Jesus was surprised to see that many people may wonder gathered what is going to happen next.
Please Heavenly Father Help Me To Be More Focused

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for letting us follow your fourteens steps that you had been, through to save our sin's and that we may have the love for you and your sins. I love you dear Jesus this day is for you because we thank you for your hard experience that you had saved, us by dieing on the cross to save our sin's.

Thank you for your perseverance for us. I am sorry to hear that you had been through 14 steps to save our sins and that we can have a good life.

Thank you for stepping in this world how to teach me to love one another and no matter what, they loved them the way , they loved me.

May you fill my heart with all the love

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary Mckillop amazing show!

Ring Ring Ring went the bell. 
The whole school went and lined up, outside room 6 so we could get ready for the Mary Mckillop show. The seats had been arranged into the shape of a crescent and they told us where to sit. I was sitting next to Lee and Simone. The whole school was quiet like humans are sleeping.
A man came out on to the stage and introduce himself. His name was Kelly Susan Kelly. He talked to us about what they were going to do today. After a while, he called Mary Mckillop to come and introduce herself to us. While we were waiting, she came in. Wearing Mary Mckillop's dress, from the olden days.A man shouted that he , was selling matches for some money, because his father was very poor. And Mary Mckillop found,a way. Mary Mckillop said" Why don't you go down to, St Joseph's and tell one of the sister's that i sent you”. And you can go to school with out money, we will look after your mum and dad, while you go. Mary Mckillop was worried that, he might not make it. After Kelly Susan Kelly, came back, he had a message for Mary Mckillop but Mary Mckillop was, buzzing in too much about his family. kelly susan kelly said" That while Sister Anne, was bending down and praying that,thank god for making sure that Mary Mckillop was still alive. Then she lighted up the candle, and she didn't see the candle was cracked and then...........she didn't survive. Mary Mckillop wanted to,see her real bad. They travelled along the dusty road to, St Joseph's to her sister. When they got their, Mary Mckillop ran off so quickly, cause she was trying to be in a rush. She went and saw Sister Anne, Burnly saw on Mary Mckillop’s side. Brother Donald said” she was over excited and BANG!”. Mary Mckillop turned around, and said” OMG Brother Donald has grown up, look everybody Brother Donald has grown up so fast”. While they were still acting the , show. It was nearly time to go, but we had a for questions and clapping for people. Anita went up and said” On behalf of the whole school, we would like to say, thank you very much for coming and show, Mary Mckillop to show, the way how she lived.” My favourite part was when Mary Mckillop rode the horse with one of the men, from the bar and travelled to Mary Mckillop’s home to , see her sister Anne. That day was the sad and kind of happy day for me, because the act was looked kind of real and i just loved it how, they acted what actually happened.

Friday, May 6, 2011


In the holidays, my whole family went to church, to celebrate Easter holiday. We stayed at church for 5 hours. After church we went to the airport, to pick up my auntie, who came back from Tonga because her auntie died from a car crash at the bridge.

I had to go to my Nana’s house because the rest of the family were going to Casino. While they were gone the kids and dads went to butterfly creek. All the dads said” we go and spend some time and when, we will go home, we will be their the same time as the mums and auntie’s came back. My stomach was growling like a growling tiger, because i was so hungry like a starving person who, walks around the street, begging for food, from everybody.

When we got home, all the mums were sleeping and all the dads said its our turn to go, after a while the mums woke up and the kids were all sleeping.

My mum made breakfast for all of us and the dads came back from their turn of having a life time all on their own. It was nearly the end of the holidays so, I was drop dead pretending that i wanted to go to school. I was so tired from what we did in, just one day. This day was the best day out of all the days in two weeks.

Dear Jesus

Thank you for always here at our sides when ever we need you. Thank you for letting us follow your fourteens steps that you had been through to save our sin's and that we may have a beautiful, wonderful and lovely life with you always by our side.
I thank you for always giving us the right time to talk with our families with problem we have at school and at wherever we go.


New Classroom

Wow! I can't believe my eyes that i saw our new class and i was in that class.On Monday, My eyes was so unbelievable,incredibly amazed. I went and my first step in the classroom. Some of room 6's people was in the new class. Mr Hooker was telling us to have a feel coming here and doing Religious Education,Maths,Spelling and literacy. i felt so excited when i had my first step in the classroom and it felt like we had a whole new life.

We walked from class to the multipurpose room where we do the music and stuff. The multipurpose room was nice and big and have heaps of fresh air.

We had a talk with Mr Hooker about how do we feel about working together with Mr Hooker and our classmates rather than working with a whole bunch of 38 kids surrounding you and annoying you.

Finally we had a peaceful and quiet room.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maths Work

E.T Auberg 13 22 17 17
Justine Cartmer 4 4 2 7
Robin Dyson 3 8 1 5
Saini Filo 11 0 3 0
Marina Gilchrist 0 14 0
Matt Groves 10 2 7 0
Bheka Kaleni 0 1 8 4
Omer Ryan 8 12 11 15
Francine Scott 0 3 0 9
Tane Weepu 7 5 6 7

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Religious Education

The disaster was they all wanted to kill Jesus for his miracles and so the phrases and the chief priests met with the council and said what shall we do?

If the people let him go on in this way everyone will believe in him and the Roman people will obey the rules.

Jesus wanted to be killed but mary mother of jesus said ok and you will do it for all of the other people’s sins.

Earthquake Poem

Earthquakes makes me very bad
they make me very sad
Aching and pain
hurting my brain
A rocks fall down
and hits the town