Friday, May 6, 2011

New Classroom

Wow! I can't believe my eyes that i saw our new class and i was in that class.On Monday, My eyes was so unbelievable,incredibly amazed. I went and my first step in the classroom. Some of room 6's people was in the new class. Mr Hooker was telling us to have a feel coming here and doing Religious Education,Maths,Spelling and literacy. i felt so excited when i had my first step in the classroom and it felt like we had a whole new life.

We walked from class to the multipurpose room where we do the music and stuff. The multipurpose room was nice and big and have heaps of fresh air.

We had a talk with Mr Hooker about how do we feel about working together with Mr Hooker and our classmates rather than working with a whole bunch of 38 kids surrounding you and annoying you.

Finally we had a peaceful and quiet room.

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