Friday, May 6, 2011


In the holidays, my whole family went to church, to celebrate Easter holiday. We stayed at church for 5 hours. After church we went to the airport, to pick up my auntie, who came back from Tonga because her auntie died from a car crash at the bridge.

I had to go to my Nana’s house because the rest of the family were going to Casino. While they were gone the kids and dads went to butterfly creek. All the dads said” we go and spend some time and when, we will go home, we will be their the same time as the mums and auntie’s came back. My stomach was growling like a growling tiger, because i was so hungry like a starving person who, walks around the street, begging for food, from everybody.

When we got home, all the mums were sleeping and all the dads said its our turn to go, after a while the mums woke up and the kids were all sleeping.

My mum made breakfast for all of us and the dads came back from their turn of having a life time all on their own. It was nearly the end of the holidays so, I was drop dead pretending that i wanted to go to school. I was so tired from what we did in, just one day. This day was the best day out of all the days in two weeks.

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