Friday, July 1, 2011

Netbook Experienece

Yay! Mrs Tui yelled with excitement, we are going to see our new netbooks. In room 7 class Mr Coakley said "execuse me folks, can you please put whatever your doing in your desks". Finally other teachers came and it was Miss G, Mr Coakley, Mrs Burt and all the other teachers.

Senior syndicate is getting their netbooks yelled Mrs Tui. Everybody's face's was amazed, surprised and breathtaking. i was so thrilled when i first saw my new netbooks, all my other classmates was incredible and unbelievable shocked with excitement. Their was three things that Mr Coakley talked about Safety, Security and Money.Once we were on our netbooks, we had our turnyony fingers ready to turn it on.

Miss G told use that we have to get our turnyony finger so we can countdown from 10 and we will turn it on. I was so gentle that i was gonna poke out one of the letters like having no letters of keyboard in front of you. There was so many intructional to follow at the same time. before we booted our netbooks on we had to entered our emails and our password their came a boom the class dropped their faces with excitement. we had half an hour to play with our netbooks.

Finally we had 4 more minutees to play so we were all worried that they were gonna pack it up. Before we packed our netbooks, we had to learn how to shut down. My group was so angry that we had to get it away from us. My highlight was when we had to play games.

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