Monday, July 4, 2011

New Member of the Family

During my weekend my family had a meeting about a new member of our family who is my uncle’s wife. She visited us because we can’t go all the way to Hamilton. She often comes on weekend and sometimes week nights.

When she arrived on Saturday, everyone cheered, hugs and occasionally excited with joy. Eventually she brought some food for our enjoyable feast, following on we said some prayers and until then we had our feast.

Meanwhile the kids went and played on the park, while the adults and caregivers were playing cards. Further more we were all exhausted and tired, because all that running, talking and eating. Although morning , From time to time, i however had the greatest weekend ever. My favourite part of the weekend was when i had to meet my uncle’s wife.I can’t believe it was our first time having a new member of our big family.

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