Monday, August 22, 2011

A Special Lady Of My Life.

On Friday, I came back from school and slept as I was over tired from the previous evening . I woke up around 10 pm when I heard the phone. The hospital rang and Mum rushed to answer it . The person on the other end said “Hello my name is Rayna and your mum has been removed to a little room because she has been got serious condition ”. My mum dropped the phone and said to my dad “OMG hurry and lets go to the hospital”. When we reached the hospital, everybody in Nena’s family came and was frightened when we saw her just , laying down on her hospital bed.
We had some precious time with her and we did some prayers and sang some Tongan songs to her. On Saturday we had some plans with what are we going to do is different things happened. I went to my room and started clearing because the funeral was happening at my house. When we had finished doing the cleaning, I went and helped outside putting the scaffolding up. My house looked so beautiful, but when we take everything off it will look like the same old place I call home. We finished cleaning and the coffin was brought in my house and it was shining white.
My Nena’s sister was the first one to cry because she is going to Tonga and she won’t come back. The funeral started and I had to look after her. I was crying with my cousins because they just came from Tonga, and said to me “that my Nena was the first cool , Nena they have ever had”. I felt sad for them, I had to do everything that they couldn’t do. After 9 days , everybody from my grandpa’s side and my grandma’s side came to the last day of the funeral. I had some time to talk to her, when we all prayed in our hearts. My uncle went up and said “We blessed her with our soul”. My uncle said to the people “My mum has 11 children and their names are: Vinola Lahi , Suli lahi , Setaleki , Iteni lahi , Lole Lahi , Liumeahetau Lahi , Anne Lahi , Filimone Lahi , Sifa Lahi , Haloti Lahi and Mani Lahi. The 10 priests that prayed said to nena’s family that, “Our Nena died because she followed god’s plans and god’s commandments and she is happy with what she has inside her soul”.
While the men lift up the white shiny coffin, we all started singing and sang some songs from , our hearts. When they put the coffin in the Hurst, we all drove off to the cemetery. We all arrived at the cemetery, people were , taking pictures , talking and laughing. The priests arrived and we started to pray and bless her with holy water. I was holding the big frame , with the Big picture of my Nena inside it. My parents told me to go , and pick a flower and throw it in the grave. All the people were crying and saying that , they will never forget her in their hearts. My favourite part of the funeral , was when I had some precious time to , talk to her in my precious little heart.

When I drive past Waikaraka cemetery I will always say and pray for her.

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