Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think in part 2 they would find the space ship in Suzie’s garage. And it might be invisible or it flied away by itself. It might be in the shops and they didn’t know it is their. They might have to stay with Suzie until their, space ship has come back. After they had talked with the girl, the Aliens would've went back into their space ship. In page 4 their was a picture that has the Aliens chasing the girl. That looks like they are killing her or murder. If it is invisible, Suzie will get her paint and chuck the paint out of the tin can to where. The Aliens space ship was and it might come back. Or Suzie’s friend came, and Suzie didn’t know that she came. Her friend might think that she has weird friends or family.

They went to the city and people were staring at them and they looked around the city for it.
They might go to school and find it in the classroom hall of the school.
They came to the houses that had a garage, if that it was in it and they check every house around their neighbours.
They check the bottom part of their house and it might be their.
They might find it in the trucks in every factory.
They go on the car to look at the factories,shops and malls.
They might find it in the rubbish factory.
They might find it in the zoo where the animal lives.
They find it in the park where people play at.
They look for it on top of tall buildings.

What I think about the next part is the people who got the space ship will be caught.
I think that the people who owns the space shipp will get their space ship back.
I think that the people/guyz that tried to steal the space ship will be in trouble and get some jobs for them to do in prison.
I think that the people said” Suzie, sorry but I think that you will go back home late”.
I think that it will be in prison where people be bad and sent to jail.

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