Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary Mckillop amazing show!

Ring Ring Ring went the bell. 
The whole school went and lined up, outside room 6 so we could get ready for the Mary Mckillop show. The seats had been arranged into the shape of a crescent and they told us where to sit. I was sitting next to Lee and Simone. The whole school was quiet like humans are sleeping.
A man came out on to the stage and introduce himself. His name was Kelly Susan Kelly. He talked to us about what they were going to do today. After a while, he called Mary Mckillop to come and introduce herself to us. While we were waiting, she came in. Wearing Mary Mckillop's dress, from the olden days.A man shouted that he , was selling matches for some money, because his father was very poor. And Mary Mckillop found,a way. Mary Mckillop said" Why don't you go down to, St Joseph's and tell one of the sister's that i sent you”. And you can go to school with out money, we will look after your mum and dad, while you go. Mary Mckillop was worried that, he might not make it. After Kelly Susan Kelly, came back, he had a message for Mary Mckillop but Mary Mckillop was, buzzing in too much about his family. kelly susan kelly said" That while Sister Anne, was bending down and praying that,thank god for making sure that Mary Mckillop was still alive. Then she lighted up the candle, and she didn't see the candle was cracked and then...........she didn't survive. Mary Mckillop wanted to,see her real bad. They travelled along the dusty road to, St Joseph's to her sister. When they got their, Mary Mckillop ran off so quickly, cause she was trying to be in a rush. She went and saw Sister Anne, Burnly saw on Mary Mckillop’s side. Brother Donald said” she was over excited and BANG!”. Mary Mckillop turned around, and said” OMG Brother Donald has grown up, look everybody Brother Donald has grown up so fast”. While they were still acting the , show. It was nearly time to go, but we had a for questions and clapping for people. Anita went up and said” On behalf of the whole school, we would like to say, thank you very much for coming and show, Mary Mckillop to show, the way how she lived.” My favourite part was when Mary Mckillop rode the horse with one of the men, from the bar and travelled to Mary Mckillop’s home to , see her sister Anne. That day was the sad and kind of happy day for me, because the act was looked kind of real and i just loved it how, they acted what actually happened.

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